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Teeth Whitening Special - 40 Minute Treatment for $99. Call now for an appointment!

Our location DaVinci Teeth Whitening Of Brevard is proud to offer the All-Natural DaVinci Teeth Whitening System to our customers. We are an in-office professional, teeth-whitening service. Teeth whitening has never been safer, faster, easier, more affordable and now extremely convenient! Schedule your appointment today and walk away with the beautiful, white smile you have always wanted in under an hour.

DaVinci Teeth Whitening Of Brevard specializes in the following types of events:


Have a special occasion coming up – high school reunion, important sales meeting, family photograph, special date, braces off - and you want to look your best? All you need to do is call to make an appointment and a representative will come to your location for a teeth-whitening session.


Schedule a one time Whitening Event or schedule your salon for an event on a consistent basis. A representative will make all the appointments, perform all the services and provide all the flyers and posters for advertising. You will be given a percentage of the profits made. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for you and all you need to do is choose a date and accept your profit!


Want to give a great gift to your employees? Schedule a Whitening Event for 5 or more employees and a representative will come to your location and give your employees something to smile about! Exclusive discounted rates are offered for corporate events and we can charge the company or the individual employee.


The Bride-to-Be gets Whiter Teeth for FREE with bridal parties of 3 or more (not including the bride). Treatments can all be done together, individually or can be given as gift certificates for later use.

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Services and Pricing

Basic Service $149.00. Achieve 3 - 5 shades whiter immediately.

Basic Service Plus $179.00. Achieve up to 10 shades whiter.

Complete Treatment $249.00: Achieve up to 10 shades whiter AND get a Home Care Kit. Achieve and keep your ultimate white.

Professional Home Whitening Care Kit $89.00: Keep your smile white with routine home maintenance.

Professional Whitening Pen $20.00: On-The-Go-Preventative Maintenance. A convenient Brush on Application helps maintain your smile and keeps your smile bright.

Wedding Package $499.00: Six Basic Service 40 minute treatments. The treatments can all be done together or can be given as gift certificates for later use. (A $894 Value)

GROUP DISCOUNTS, FUND RAISERS: at package prices tailored to your needs.

Gift Certificates Available

Customer Testimonials

I got my teeth whitening done at your office. Very professional and great customer service. I love my teeth and I like to keep them white. Thanks Davinci for your great products and service. I refer you to all my friends and family.

Derrik J.

Customer Testimonials

I tried for years to whiten my teeth but was always told it would damage my veneer. I was excited to find DaVinci and was extremely pleased with my results. My real teeth went from a 7 to a -1 and my Vaneer went from a 3 to a -1. I can't help but smile all the time! thank you DaVinci!!

Terra L.

Davinci Whitening has been awarded Best in Class 2013 by TeethWhiteningReviews.com

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